My Friend Pedro REVIEW

My Friend Pedro is an arcadey score-attack game that’s all about maintaining a multiplier by killing enemies quickly, avoiding getting shot, and finding creative ways to take down each bad guy to maximize your score. It’s an age-old concept (especially not getting shot), but where My Friend Pedro sets itself apart is in its sheer commitment to making you feel badass as hell while doing it.

Bullet time is the core that My Friend Pedro is built on, and while the mechanic itself is obviously nothing new, its implementation here is one of the best it’s ever been. It serves not only as a vital means of slowing down the action, but also as a way to enhance the absolutely wild stunts that your character can perform. Few things in video games can come close to matching how cool it feels when you swing from a rope, crash through a window in slow motion, blast two enemies to smithereens with a shotgun while in mid-air, and then stick the landing on a skateboard. The few things that do come close are probably also things that you can do in this game.

Beyond the bullet time and the stunts, My Friend Pedro simply feels great to play. The animations do sometimes look a little wonky, especially during wall jumps, melee attacks, and when your character has to unexpectedly land on an object. But it’s a small price to pay for how dynamically your character flips through the air, seamlessly moving from a dive to a rope swing and back to a dive, all while conveying a real sense of weight and momentum.

While the arsenal of weapons is fairly limited and conventional, there’s a great balance between each gun that helps ensure that no weapon ever becomes obsolete. Shotguns, for example, are obviously great up close and can blow enemies to pieces (and you can use those pieces as weapons to kick at other enemies), but they lack the range and flexibility of the dual uzis and pistols which can split their aim to attack multiple targets a t once.
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