Team Sonic Racing REVIEW

Whether you’re drifting around corners to build up your boost meter, hitting pads as you rocket around tracks, or gliding through a teammate’s slipstream, Team Sonic Racing is constantly pushing the speed limit. Every race is a non-stop search for ways to go even faster and the entire team system is built around keeping your group traveling as a single fast-moving unit.
For example, all standard team-based races divide up to 12 racers into teams of three, and whoever is in the lead among team members will produce a yellow slipstream along the track that teammates can drive in to quickly build up boost, then slide out of to initiate a sling shot maneuver. It’s a clever and addictive system that incentivizes sticking together to boost one another.

And when you pass a teammate, if they’re struggling from a hazard or just got hit by a rival, you’ll initiate a Skim Boost to send them rocketing back into the action; if they then pass you, that can create a new slipstream to boost you back in front of them, and so on. It’s a continuous leapfrog loop that really makes the team system feel like it matters rather than just being tacked on. Since your team can either win or lose based on total performance you have a strong incentive to stick together instead of just trying to win first place on your own. Plus, you can knock out rivals who are hounding teammates and transfer items back and forth within your team, which can really be a lifesaver if you’re in need or want to contribute excess items like boosts and rockets to help buddies catch up.
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